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School Goals
  1. Literacy - to increase reading comprehension
  2. Numeracy - to increase numeracy skills in Grade 8


As part of the 1997-1998 accreditation process, parents, students, and staff developed a vision of what they want their school to become. The statements and goals contained in this “Vision Statement” will help guide our future decision-making and actions.



  • Princess Margaret is committed to becoming a community where learning is intellectually challenging, relevant, innovative and responsive to the needs of the individual.

The Princess Margaret Community will:

  • Establish clearly defined expectations and beliefs about learning;
  • Encourage an environment in which debate and dialogue about education are valued;
  • Provide school members with quality citizenship and leadership opportunities;
  • Promote understanding and use of sound educational practices;
  • Endeavour to provide up-to-date technologies and information systems.
  • Our vision is to create a climate for educational excellence.



  • Princess Margaret is a caring, inclusive community where everyone is a lifelong learner.